About Me

Hi, I'm the founder of Car Seat Companion! As a busy parent of two young kids, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to find the right car seats for your family.

When my wife and I were gearing up for our first child, we spent countless hours trying to compare different car seat models. It seemed like everywhere we looked, we got conflicting facts and opinions. I desperately wanted to make an informed decision to keep our baby safe, but felt lost in all the noise.

After we finally settled on a car seat after tons of research, it got me thinking - there had to be an easier way! I realized other parents were likely just as confused. That's when the idea for this site was born.

My Mission

My goal with Car Seat Companion is to create a trusted resource for parents to turn to when choosing a car seat. I want to eliminate guesswork by providing unbiased, thorough facts and comparisons.

As an engineer, I take pride in researching topics deeply and presenting information clearly. I decided to use my background to help families navigate this important and anxiety-inducing purchase.

Why You Can Trust Car Seat Companion

I have no affiliation with any car seat manufacturers, retailers or brands. My loyalty lies with helping you make the optimal decision for YOUR child's needs - nothing else.

My team and I spend hundreds of hours compiling everything you need to feel 100% confident in your choice.

It's my personal mission to take a complex purchase and distill it down into clear, comprehensive guidance. I'm so glad you're here and hope you find our research helpful as you embark on this important parenting journey!