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Our database offers an organized view of forward-facing car seats that have undergone thorough examination. Each entry in our list is linked to a full review, providing parents and caregivers with essential insights into the safety, comfort, and features of a variety of seats tailored for older children ready to transition from rear-facing configurations. You'll find pertinent details like manufacture year, ratings, and size specifications, intended to assist you in making an informed selection. This straightforward resource aims to simplify your search for a forward-facing car seat by consolidating valuable data and expert analysis in one accessible location.

Note that this page only shows car seats that are exclusively forward-facing. To view car seats that can be forward-facing as well as in other configurations (such as rear-facing or booster), see our convertible car seats database.

Name Year Rating Child Size in Forward-Facing Position Current Price (est.)
Height (in.) Weight (lb.)
Min. Max. Min. Max.