Clek Foonf vs. Nuna aace: Which is Better? (2024)

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At A Glance

Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Type Convertible

Rear-Facing Forward-Facing
High Back Booster
Current price
In stock
Currently unavailable
Rating 4.70 4.57

Our Thoughts

As a parent, one of our biggest concerns is the safety, comfort, and convenience of our little ones, especially while travelling. Here, I have evaluated two outstanding car seats- the Clek Foonf and the Nuna AACE.

The Clek Foonf is a convertible car seat featuring advanced safety technology and a sleek design, perfect for families who prioritize safety and style. Its narrow design allows for fitting multiple seats in a vehicle, offering great utility for families with multiple little ones needing car seats. The reinforced steel frame and a steel anti-rebound bar, along with energy-absorbing foam layers, make it a highly safe option. However, it's important to note that this car seat tends to be challenging to clean, as it requires disassembly for a thorough wash. Moreover, shifting the seat between cars might not be the easiest option due to its hefty weight. While it can accommodate children in rear-facing configuration up to a weight of 43 pounds, the forward-facing configuration allows for a maximum weight of 65 pounds.

On the other hand, the Nuna AACE, a high-quality booster seat, transitions from a high back to a no-back booster, catering to children over 4 years. The booster accommodates weights ranges of 40-110 pounds for high-back mode and 50-120 pounds for no-back mode. Favored for its adjustability and comfort, the AACE features advanced side-impact protection and multiple recline options for various vehicle types. An added advantage is the breathable, machine-washable fabric, which makes it quite practical. However, some users reported issues with the cup holder design and belt guide, requiring occasional readjustments.

Both car seats are high-end products and different in fundamental ways- the Clek Foonf is a durable, convertible car seat with great safety features, whereas the Nuna AACE is an adjustable, comfortable booster seat offering an easier cleaning experience. Based on these factors, if you have a little one under 4 years, the Clek Foonf would be a fine choice given its versatility and extended rear-facing use. However, if your child is older, the Nuna AACE would be a better fit as it is designed to grow with them. It's also a great option if you prefer convenience in cleaning and installation. It's important to note, though, that these seats come with a higher price tag than the average car seat, so budgetary considerations could influence your decision.

Key Details

Foonf aace
Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Brand Clek Nuna
Type Convertible

Rear-Facing Forward-Facing
High Back Booster
Weighted Rating 4.70 4.57
1 yr Price Range $529.99 - $579.99 $250 - $250
Current price
In stock
Currently unavailable

Considering its durability and longevity, it offers good value over time.

The AACE, while on the pricier side, offers exceptional durability and quality, justifying its cost with long-term usability and high resale value.


With advanced safety features, it stands out as a top choice for child car safety.

This seat boasts advanced safety features like energy-absorbing foam, side-impact protection pods, and a belt positioner, ensuring enhanced security.


Equipped with innovative features for comfort and convenience.

Its 3-D growth system, multiple recline options, and no added fire-retardant chemicals mark it as a feature-rich option.


Installation can be challenging but secure once in place.

Users find the installation process straightforward, thanks to its adjustable latch connectors and clear instructions.


Cleaning is cumbersome, requiring disassembly for thorough washing.

The seat's machine-washable fabric and easy disassembly for cleaning add to its practicality.


Its narrow design is advantageous for fitting in vehicles but is tall and heavy.

While not the smallest booster, its design is space-efficient, offering ample room for growth without being overly bulky.

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Comparison of Specifications

While features and reviews provide a sense of real-world use, the specs offer quantifiable details on sizing, limitations, and more. Comparing key measurements and ranges side-by-side is crucial for ensuring you choose a seat properly fitted for your child and vehicle.

We've compiled the weight limits, height limits, dimensions, and other vital statistics for the Clek Foonf and the Nuna aace. This data will confirm whether each seat can accommodate your child's current size and projected growth. Specs like seat depth and width are also important for assessing fit with your car's backseat.

Review the following key measurements for both seats. Pay special attention to the height and weight limits to ensure your child falls within the safe ranges.

Height and Weight Limits


Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Height Range 14 - 50 inches
Weight Range 25 - 43 pounds


Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Height Range 30 - 49 inches
Weight Range 22 - 65 pounds


Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Height Range 38 - 60 inches
Weight Range 40 - 120 pounds

Dimensions and Weight

Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Width 16.9 inches 22.5 inches
Height 26.0 inches 33.0 inches
Depth 12.5 inches 15.0 inches
Weight 38.0 pounds 15.6 pounds

Core Specifications

Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Model Year 2019 2021
Made In Canada China
Frame Material Reinforced Steel Plastic

Safety and Compliance

Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Federal Safety Standards Meets all standards Meets all standards
Configurations FAA-Approved for Airplanes Forward-Facing
High Back Booster
Backless Booster
NHTSA Ease-of-Use Ratings Not rated by NHTSA. Booster Mode
Overall 4 out of 5 stars
Labels 4 out of 5 stars
Instructions 4 out of 5 stars
Securing 2 out of 5 stars
Installation Features 5 out of 5 stars
Previous Recalls This car seat has never been recalled. This car seat has never been recalled.


Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Attachment Methods LATCH
Harness Type 5-Point N/A
Cup Holders Has cup holders. Has cup holders.

Warranty and Durability

Clek Foonf Nuna aace
Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 year 2 years
Lifespan 9 Years 10 Years

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